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Top tips to make your hair look and feel fabulous

Not for no reason is a head of lustrous, healthy hair called your ‘crowning glory’. Short or long; curly, straight or anything in between, shiny hair that’s looked after is always a head turner. Here are some haircare tips and habits for healthy hair that are sure to keep your tresses looking terrific all year round.

Good hair starts with a healthy scalp

The length, lustre and health of your hair depends on the skin that covers your head – your scalp. A few good brush strokes a day are imperative to massaging and stimulating the scalp to promote adequate blood flow and release healthy oils. Washing your hair frequently also keeps your scalp healthy and clean, and in turn may protect against reactive hair loss. Remember, not all flaky scalps are dandruff. Most often, it’s another cause such as dry scalp or product build-up. 

Use the right products for YOUR hair type 

Just because one product works on your best friend’s hair doesn’t mean it will work on yours, too. Choose a professional salon quality shampoo and conditioner that is designed for your specific type of hair.  Is your hair very fine and limp? Choose a shampoo and conditioner that can help boost volume. Brittle, stressed or damaged hair? Use a product that will repair your strands. Got curly locks? Invest in hair products that help moisturise your hair and tame frizz. To help you find the right haircare products, you can shop online Hair Network for your specific hair type

Shine, baby shine!

For silky, sleek and glossy hair, a good quality hair oil and serum are a must-have in your haircare repertoire. Whether you’ve got dry hair, frizzy hair or dull hair, all hair types can benefit from using an oil or serum. Intimidated by the vast choice of products out there? Check out our blog post that’ll give you the complete run-down on hair oils and serums

Protect against heat 

If you use a heat styler such as a hair dryer, curler or flat iron on your hair, a heat protectant is non-negotiable! A heat protectant acts as a shield and protective barrier between your hair and a hot tool and protects it from burning and drying out.

Cool down

In the same way that you use an astringent to close and tighten your pores after washing your face so your skin looks smooth, or splash your face with a dash of cold water, you should make your last rinse a cooler one. This seals the cuticles and locks the moisture in.

Slippery when wet

Your hair is fragile when wet. Avoid split ends and overall damage by being extra careful when handling your wet hair. Do not brush it. Comb it with a wide-toothed comb or Tangle Teezer instead, which is specifically designed to detangle your strands without damaging the hair follicles, roots or tips. Take care not to use root-to-tip strokes, but rather start mid-way and detangle small lengths at a time. A big no-no, too, is towelling-drying your hair. Gently squeeze your tresses with a towel, instead of rubbing it dry. 

Cultivating the proper habit for healthy hair and graduating yourself to quality products for haircare will visibly improve the appearance of damaged, brittle, ‘flat’ or oily hair. If your hair’s already looking good, why settle for that? A head of great, shiny locks is only a few simple steps away

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